Monday, February 13, 2012

Backyard Garden Guide ~ Mission Statement

Let's face it. Gardening isn't exactly brain surgery. Whether you're wanting to grow herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables knowing age ol' gardening basics can prove to be most rewarding for you.

There's quite a few simple tips and techniques to having a successful backyard garden which will reap you a bounty of tasty and hardy vegetables to give you neighborhood bragging rights.

Every productive backyard gardener or farmer has at least two gardening or planting tips in their garden bag that either came from an age old wive's tail, Native American planting technique, Farmer's Almanac or relative. There's reasons why those tequniques have lasted the test of time so, listen and learn.

Gardening doesn't have to cost much at all. Big industries have just told you that you need to buy this or that to have a successful garden. Don't listen to the loud and colorful commercials on tv.  Our ancestors didn't have all the specialized fertilizers, commercial products or gizmos that we have today and they were more productive at growing flowers and vegetables.

A backyard gardeners only needs good soil, occasional fertilizer, water, seed, know-how and a bit of effort. There's nothing finer than a cold cocktail while gardening. No one said that ever home gardener should break your back while sweating bullets. It's supposed to be fun and easy.

After an initial investment of a few gardening tools and supplies, flower and vetable gardening is rather inexpensive. Most home kitchens are equipped with basic cooling utinsels, pots and pans. Gardening is not different.

Starting flowers and vegetables from seed rather than buying already potted plants at a nursery costs only pennies. There's plenty of places to seedswap or purchase garden seeds for pennies and I'll later cover that with you. My point is.. why would you spend $3 - $10 dollars on a beefsteak tomato plant when you can buy a seed for 10 cents and grow it yourself? Hmm? Exactly!

Almost all backyard gardeners take much pride in being able to tell frieds and family that they had nurtured their crops from seed to harvest. I'm not ashamed to say that I've found myself bragging on quite a few ocasions. Ahh.. there's nothing like telling that vintage story of growing your vegetables from seed while you're handing over a 10 lb. Black Diamond-Yellow Belly Watermelon or 5 lb. Beefsteak tomato to your friend who's eyes are popping out of their head in amazement! Wink.

In the end, all you need is know-how, time, effort, basic supplies and you're truly going to have a most successful backyard garden with tons of bragging rights. Gardening is basically sticking a seed into the ground or pot, knowing how deep, when to plant and how much water to give the darn thing.


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