Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Mock Starbucks Frappaccino Recipe Ever!





I've looked the world wide web over for the perfect frappuccino iced coffee recipe that's similar to what you would find at the major coffee houses as like Starbucks, The Moka, Dunkin Donuts, Markus Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf etc. I've never found a recipe that is even close to the flavour and texture of the corporate mockfrappaccino blended coffee drink.

There's nothing like a cold frothy iced blended coffee beverage on hot day after doing gardening. It's a true reward for me but, I hate having to hop in the hot car to waist good gas, time and effort for just a 'beverage' so,  I've spend nearly a year trying to find the best recipe for a mockfrappaccino blended ice coffee. I'd give up and eventually pick-up where I left off in searching and trying recipes found by other java users who need a blended iced coffee fix.

Most recipes on the internet for frappaccinos are simply repeats. The flavours are similar but, they're always missing that "it" factor.

While catching up on garden news on the web the other day, I came across an article regarding American grown corn and its bi-products used in daily life.

As I kept skipping from one website to another reading about corn, a light bulb went off in my head (I call it divine interception) on how to improve my mockfrappaccino recipe!

Big corporate coffee houses actually put additives or fillers in their blended coffees make their blended beverages a consistent texture and flavour. The fillers are binders. They bind all ingredients to achieve smooth texture which heightens flavor.

Each branded coffee house uses different additives from one another. It's like a trademark to differ their recipes which are basically the same recipe just a pinch of this or that is changed.

In seeking out a really good make-at-home mock frappuccino recipe, I figured out an additive that almost all of us (particularly backyard gardeners) have on hand. We use it for cooking, batter frying, seed germination, seed tapes, pesticide etc.

Yes, all coffee houses have add particular ingredients that help stabilize the froth, whip or blend of cold coffee drinks; otherwise, you'll blended drink separates quickly or turns back to a watering consistent quickly. There's nothing worse than a watered down Frappuccino, is there?

Drum role please... . Here's the "secret" ingredient that will keep your blended coffee drinks smooth, stayed blended longer and just great to look at. The additive or filler that you most likely have in your pantry that will bind all ingredients together is simple cornstarch! <applause!> <clap, clap, clap> <applause>... <I modestly curtsy> :O)

Corn stark will significantly make your at-home blended beverage smoother which creates a better flavour experience. Without a filler or binder the ice, water, milk and sugars want to separate due to the cold factor.

Here's my recipe that  I know you'll enjoy. Gratitude can be sent in the form of a donation to . I accept both PayPal and Google Checkout / Wallet. All proceeds will either go toward garden supplies, dirty martinis or my extreme coffee habit. wink.

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