Saturday, March 29, 2014

News Flash 

 Congratulations.. . I'm inviting you to Bing Rewards!

*Join Bing Rewards! You receive credits for joining and I receive credits for you signing up. By using my referral link we both receive credits to purchase gift cards. Gift cards are available for Fandango movie tickets, Starbucks, XBox, Game Stop, Applebees, Sephora, Skype, Nokia, Amazon and much more.

I often use my credits for gift cards to purchase vegetable and flower seeds from growers all around the world. Every now and again I'll splurge on jewelry or make-up but, I mainly use my Amazon gift cards for garden supplies. Points accumulate very quickly by just doing what you normally when using a search engine as like Google.

We all love, love Google search engine and Google is the top gun among search engines but if Bing is offering free money, why not take advantage of it? 

Get free garden flower and vegetable seeds by turning in your points to redeem gift certificates or luxury items! My luxury is purchasing goji berry plants, garden seeds, garden books and supplies and even sweet treats. I love trying chocolate from around the world and I'm doing it for free! Life is meant to be enjoyed.. why not enjoy freebie? Enjoy

Thank you for your consideration. Cheers ~Emma

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