Monday, August 11, 2014

Tribute To Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams
July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014

What Dreams May Come

I know this may seem odd to have a post about American Actor, Comedian, Philanthropist Robin Williams on a garden blog but, it's not odd to me. 

I began gardening to relieve stress and to use landscaping, weed pulling, seed planting, watering etc as an outlet to forget life tragedies and complications for a bit. It works for me and I often reap more benefits from gardening than a bounty of vegetables or a beautiful display of cut flowers.

The same goes for movies. I go to the movies to laugh, cry, release emotional pain or stress. There are particular actors (artists) that can make you feel like you matter, that can help you understand the difficulties of life or remind us to celebrate what we have in this great world.

Robin Williams is my favorite actor. I was completely stunned to hear the tragic news of his passing. My prayers tonight will include a blessing for Robin Williams and for his family and children. 

I've enjoyed all of Robin's movies. I've laughed, cried, nearly peed my pants during his interviews and guest appearances but, there's is one particular movie that opened my mind to glory and awakened me to what really matters in this life besides social networking, keeping up with the Jones' or my worth being the size of home and neighborhood that I live in. I started a small backyard garden after being inspired by Robin Williams and his roll in the movie starring Robin Williams is called 'What Dreams May Come'. 

What Dreams May Come

Without giving much away, 'What Dreams May Come' is a fantasy drama based loosely upon the book 'What Dreams May Come' by Richard Matheson. Robin Williams truly brought forth every human emotion as his character named Chris who is a physician who already had doubts about God and Heaven's existence. 

On the very day that he and his wife decide not to divorce after going through a long battle of morning over their children dying in an auto accident,  Chris is ironically killed in a car accident himself.

Chris didn't realize that he was dead and walked the earth confused as to why no one was interacting with him on Earth. He finally sees his wife Annie and every time he tries to make contact with her, things worsen emotionally for her. His attempt to communicate with her causes extreme pain for his wife. He decides to move on and awakes in Heaven. This is where Chris learns life lessons and sees the beauty and glory that awaits us all.

The visual effects, the colors of plants and trees, the performance art, paintings, the plot and Robin Williams performance in this movie is absolutely God smacking.   It awoke my senses. It shook my reality. The commonly shared world philosophies regarding life after death is represented in this movie. The movie is an absolute roller coaster of human emotions.

Robin Williams excelled at what he did. He was a comedian, philanthropist an actor a friend and father. All those aspects of his life and talent matters. It matters to me, it matters to millions and  millions of people across many generations of people.. humans. 

We're losing upstanding actors with true talent from the generations of people who still gave a shit about life. They were the talented people who paid their dues. Who worked hard for their craft. Times have changed in the entertainment industry. The population is slowly forgetting these true artists and are more attracted to the no talent reality stars. The stress has to be enormous for those in the entertainment industry to keep up with Kardashians or to compete with other celebrities in airing their dirty family laundry on national tv.

Older actors and actors with true talent were revered in this country. Now reality stars and their lap dogs are revered. If you're older than 30 than you're 'old' to casting directors. If you don't have tits and ass to show off or if you have crows feet then the calls and scripts start to slow down.

Robin Williams made a mark in my life. I know this sounds off-the-wall but, he inspired me to grow a tomato plant. The gardens of heaven, the life lessons and Robin Williams performance in the movie 'What Dreams May Come' lead me to living a less complicated life. 

If it weren't for him choosing the script. I may no have gone to see the movie. I've been a long time Robin Williams fan and it was his mug that lead me to the movie theater. His performance in 'What Dreams May Come'  is what inspired me to live a less complicated life. Before I was working 60 hours a week, living to work just to own stuff. I was wore out from having to compete to own stuff, or to have the best vacation stories and keeping up with social networking.

I now live slower. I enjoy my family and friends and all of the wonderful moments and free stuff that I get every day as like; butterflies bobbing about, green grass, taking a moment to poke at a cactus, seeing curious baby lizards on my fence, I look up and  to notice the colors around me more, I stop to taste and smell things more often.

I often sit in my backyard with a martini in my hand. I like to visit with people, listen to music or nature and enjoying thinking about what dreams may come for me. All this because of one man from Chicago, Illinois who dared to live big through the talent God gave him. 

Robin Williams put his heart and sole into every character.. into every gig. He was a comedic genius. His high energy and compassion is rare in humanity. He's left a tremendous legacy for all of us. He was funny but most importantly he was always kind.  

I implore you to watch any movie, tv show or interview with Robin Williams in it. Whether he's the leading man or a small bit character, whether it's a block buster movie like 'Good Morning Vietnam' or a B movie like 'Club Paradise', I absolutely guarantee that you'll forget your woes. 

Everyone of us on this great planet has some sort of problem or issue that often burdens us. After watching anything with Robin Williams in it.. . You'll learn to breath again. Tomorrow will be a better day. 

Robin Williams you are brave, you are loved, you are good and you are the what dreams are made of. You gave yourself to the world and the world sends their prayers and regards to you.

God bless you and keep you. May you enjoy Heaven and continue to inspire generations whizzing about heaven in that egg shaped space ship of yours. Your energy will always live on.


Patch Adams

Robin I won't forget you. Every time I look at a tomato plant.. I'll always remember you and I'll be sure to plant a tomato plant just for you on every Red Nose Day (March 13th). 

The kid from Chicago who made the world a better place. 


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