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Courtney Love Not Just A Punk Rocker - But A True Flower Child

Flower Arrangements by Courtney Love
Learn How To Arrange Flowers With Love

Courtney Love has a Youtube Channel  and she decided to take her fans with her to her favorite floral shop, 'My Secret Garden' located in Los Angeles for a quick and fun tutorial on how to create floral arrangements. 

No, America's beautiful and musically talented princess of punk isn't quitting her day job and becoming a florist but, I must say she's got some true talent and love for flora. She also wears it best in my opinion. She's an interesting person who definitely brings attention to herself and her endeavors. 

I probably shouldn't even show Courtney and her iconic depiction throughout the years of her wearing flower crowns. She said in an interview with People Magazine (June '14) that 'If I see one more fu*@ing flower crown, I'm going to kick somebody's ass. I'm hoping that I'm a better runner than she.

Besides flower crowns, numerous flower tattoos, and feminine designer clothes, Courtney Love has always had an affinity for flowers. She held arm fulls of flowers at her wedding, fans often toss flower to her at her concerts or appearances,  she's been known to order beautiful and unique flower arrangements from particular florist in the Los Angeles area, photos throughout the years depict her having a few flowers on her person or within her fashion. She's definitely feminine. 

Love has even been sued in 2011 by her favorite florist 'My Secret Garden' for a $4,000.00 outstanding flower bill. No worries, they're BFF's again - Best Favorite Florist. 

Courtney Love adores lovely tulips of all shades.

She loves flowers and her fashion and essence show's just that. When I see Courtney Love with flowers, she reminds me of those old black and white vintage photos of children wearing flower crowns or adoringly holding flowers emanating innocence or youth.  She's no where near innocent, she has her own demons, has hung out with with almost every walk of life and has worn many hats but,  I suspect that flowers often help her get through her day just like gardening helps backyard gardeners, including myself, relieve stress from the daily grind.

Courtney Love's childhood home, Olympia, Washington

“I used to spend a lot of money on flowers,” said Love in Part 1 of her bouquet tutorial. “Not like Elton money, but a lot! Even though she suffers mild allergies, she truly enjoys flora.

Perhaps flowers remind her of her childhood or a memory of once was. Either way, she's a punk rocker, an artist, an actress, a mother, a widow, a philanthropist, an author, a model, a celebrity etc. She has a fondness for flowers which expresses the soft side to her personality. With age she's slowed down and has mellowed a bit but, if you've ever seen Courtney in concert.. . she's still that punk girl from Washington state. 


Courtney Love has a diverse list of favorite flowers. She enjoys vibrant color to the dramatic flower as like the purple Hydrangea and hybrid Amnesia Rose

She adores Hybrid Red Carnation and Hyacinth

Dramatic Black Dahlias are fascinating to Courtney Love

A girl after my own heart. I love Succulents too! They're the perfect plant.

Yves Piaget Rose is a signature rose of the florist and gift store 
My Secret Garden located at 5500 W. Franklin Ave., Los Angeles or 1865 Western Ave., Los Angeles.  They also take online orders at tele. 323-469-1514

My Secret Garden specifically stocks the Yves Piaget Rose for Courtney Love and Pamela Anderson. 

I always find it interesting whenever I learn about a favorite flower or vegetable of celebrities. It's nice when famous people stop to have a real conversation without trying to endorse products. 

Courtney Love is the real deal. What you see is what you get. I enjoy most of her music and I like that she's unpredictable. She's had to fight hard to get where she's at and she's had to fight even harder to stay where she's at.

It couldn't have been easy to walk in her shoes. It always seems like the worlds was always against her because, of who she was married to. I'm glad that time has softened the memories of her woes and that she has moments of joy through color, texture and flower arranging. 


There's no real rules to flower arranging. If someone tells you that there is.. follow your own inspiration and design what you like. 

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