Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Winter Farmers' Markets Increase Year to Year

There is not a sprig of grass that shoots uninteresting in me. 
-Thomas Jefferson, third U.S. President

It's no secret that southern California and the rest of the U.S. sunbelt have long growing seasons. Almost all produce is grown in the West and the Southwestern U.S. It's a site to be seen when the rest of the country is covered in snow and you have fields of fresh produce as like lettuce and berries growing just down the road. 

According to USDA, farmers' markets are no longer exclusively a Summer community event. Winter farmers markets are on the rise. In 2012 farmers markets increased by 38 percent and 17 percent each year since.

Farmers nationwide are extending their sale dates at Farmers' markets well into November and December. The variety of vegetables being offered are seasonal. In lieu of Summer tomatoes or or melons, you can find a wonderful variety of Winter squash or root vegetables. 

1941 Produce Market San Diego, CA

Farmers markets in southern California are quite common. I've often wondered why farmers didn't have Fall markets in Boston or Chicago. Now I see that has changed. Both Boston and Chicago are running farmers' markets well into October. 

Many metropolitan like New York City are moving their farmers' markets indoors. There are many year-round farmer's markets all around NYC. kudos 
to the big apple!

Explore your area for local farmers' markets that may be extending their sale dates. You'll be glad you did because, you will be supporting your local farmers and you're going to walk away with some fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. 

Williams Sonoma - Amazon.com: Cooking from the Farmer's Market

 Canada Farmers' Market

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