Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Power of Tornadoes and American Companies that Care

Storm Shelter Company Makes It Right

Most backyard gardeners stay aware of weather conditions. We look to the weather to germinate seeds, know when to water and when we should shelter plants. Rain, sleet, wind and snow can be either a companion to a gardener or a complete enemy. 

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods and earthquakes are everyone's fear even if you're not a gardener. We don't see very many tornadoes here in the southwest but, most of us have family members who live in tornado prone regions as like Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, etc.

South Family in Moore, Oklahoma. Storm shelter not properly installed by a defaulted company was found floating in their garage. Another company (tornadosafe.com) had donated another storm shelter and their services to properly install the new shelter.  

I came across this news story about a family in Moore, Oklahoma. I was so impressed by the human kindness that I thought I'd share the article with you. It's about the South family who had placed their faith in a storm shelter company. The storm shelter was installed in ground inside their garage. 

After the recent tornadoes and storms in Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Ronny South had awakened to see their storm shelter floating in their garage. The company who had installed the storm shelter in the ground had done a faulty job and weren't taking responsibility for fixing the problem because, the company went belly-up. 

After local news 'got wind' of the situation, they had contacted another storm shelter company by the name of TornadoSafe.com to see what can be done to help fix the problem. The storm shelter is a metal box with stairs and space for a few people to seek shelter during tornadoes. 

Upon hearing the South family's ordeal, TornadoSafe.com not only felt compassion for the Moore, Oklahoma family but, they actually stepped-up and did something for a family who was feeling vulnerable and ripped-off by another company.

TornadoSafe.com didn't promise to remount the existing storm shelter. In fact, they had kindly volunteered to donate and insert a brand new storm shelter at their cost. 

I'm in no way affiliated with TornadoSafe.com or their partners. I just wanted to show you that there are small companies out their making a difference in America every single day and they don't receive national attention like the big conglomerates or celebrities do. 

Patriotism is alive and well if you look around you. Thank you to all the companies like TornadoSafe.com for keeping the spirit of America alive and well by donating your services to families in need. You don't ask for anything in return as like publicity or donations.  You're truly an American hero.

*If you should happen to visit TornadoSafe.com be sure to click Timmy the Tornado's survival tips. 

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