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Seed trading is fun and you're able to get rid of seeds you longer need for the ones you do want. Just use the comment field below to list what seeds you're looking for, seeds that you're wanting to get rid or donate to someone else or seeds that you'd like to make a trade with. Be sure to leave either your mailing address or an e-mail address for folks to contact you. 

*I recommend using the phrase "resident or occupant" instead of your name and P.O. boxes are always a good idea. Leaving your twitter handle is also a common thing to do.  

Seed swapping or just donating vegetable and flower seeds are a great way to clean out your seed storage containers. Sometimes I'll have an excess of one particular seed variety. There's also folks out there that are either looking to supplement their monthly grocery bill by growing their own food or even folks that like to receive seed donations because, they grow crops for the hungry. 

I always like to see folks posting unusual seeds that are not easily available. It's ok to request a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) if you have a lot of seeds to give away and it "weeds" out the serious gardeners. 

If you're doing an even trade, it's best for both parties to pay for shipping on their own envelope. Most seeds cost only 49¢ US postal stamp or Forever Stamp to mail. If you think that your envelope weighs more than 3 oz, get it weighed by USPS or else it may be returned to you for more postage.

It's always a good idea to check with your local USPS - Dept of Agriculture to ensure that you can except particular seeds in your area. Some counties in US have sensitive agriculture zones. 

*This is a community board for seed trading and exchanging and garden topics only. Use the comment field to leave a seed request or garden offer. Happy Gardening!

HaloGirl writes:
I'm a new stay at home mom and would like to start a garden in the Spring. I'd be glad to trade.

Waterfall writes:
I am a newbie with gardening the only seeds that I have marigolds. Don't laugh to hard ... they are good for the gardens and they keep some bugs at bay, so they are not eating you or your garden. can send 200 or more seeds. Thank you.

Izzy writes:
I have Mimosa tree seeds and other tree and tomato seeds to swap. email

Lindsay writes:
I'm interested in seed trading. Thank you.

Cindy writes:
Hi! I would love to have some Lima and Orange sweet pepper seeds. I have organic brown mustard seeds and anise seeds. Cindy

Laura writes:
I would like to seed swap with others. Email me at

Suzi writes:
I have loads of zinnia, mini sunflower, rockrose that I could trade. 

Grandmajosie writes:
I'm looking for milkweed seeds or plants. Please contact me at Thanks.

Pinkpetals writes:
I have 50+ (or any lower quantity at request) giant strawberry seeds. These two inch fruits have a firm touch, but juicy interiors. Great for fruit salads, marmalade or simply snacking. I have a list of trading wants, and if you are interested, email me at

Jen writes: 
Wanted: Boothby Blond Cucumber
I have lemom cucumber, pepinex and a standard American store bought seed packet of cucumber seeds. I have other vegetable seeds too. Please let me know what you're looking for. I'm looking for rare cucumbers. Thank y ou.

Auquadude writes:
I'd interested in seed trading. My address is C.L.Keen 4728 River Rd. Wilson,NC 27893

Mary writes:
I'm a new gardener. If anyone has any seeds to trade and tips on how to plant the seeds please e-mal me at

If anyone has any seeds and tips on how to plant the seeds and would like to donate to me and my husband so we can get our garden started. My husband tilled the area last year and has been trying to fertilized the area with coffee grinds & and left over skins and egg shells. He will re till the area to get the ground ready to plant.

We have never grown anything in my lifetime and we have always wanted to grow flowers Veggies and someday get a few trees. I love the Cherry trees and a Willow tree. I am 55 years old and would love to for fill our Dream.Our funds are very low for us this year and the seeds are high priced as well as items to maintain the garden. If you can help us please e-mail me for my address if you can help us out this season. Thank You and God Bless. Mary Sharkus

craftie2 writes: 
If anyone would like to trade vegetable seeds, please write to:

Ninja nurse writes:
I would very much like to trade vegetable seeds

Blujai writes:
I have heirloom tomato seeds to swap. Contact me at

Jane writes:
I have plenty of vegetable seeds to swap. Send me your list and I'll send you mine. Thank you.

Joanna writes:
I would like to trade vegetable and flower seeds: Contact:

Sullivan writes:
I'd like to seed trade. If you let me know what you want to plant, veg, flowers, greens or herbs. I'll see if I have some. I'm looking for a variety myself. E-mail me at

Unigama writes: 
I would love to have some Mammoth sunflower seeds or vegetable sees. I'm in Montana. Contact:

Misha writes:
Hi.. I have some heirloom cushaw seeds I'll trade you for some of your cheddar head pumpkins if you're interested.. my email is thanks

Sharon writes:
I would like to trade seeds. What is your address, and what sort of seeds do you want? Sharon.

Ruth Writes:
Anyone interested in seed trading please contact me.

Ben Failor writes:
I would like to trade non GMO non Hybryd seeds. Please forward to:

Lisa writes:
Anyone interested in vegetable seed trading. My e-mail is have lots to choose from hope to hear from someone

nicole writes:
I have 2014 Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds for trade. I'm looking for Scallion/Green Onion special chinese variety like used in restaurants. Please email me at thank you.

sarah writes:
I would like to trade vegetable seeds.

Mary Writes:
I am interested in any seeds, especially sunflower. I just moved in with my boyfriend who is a disabled veteran and his yard is in horrible, vacant, sad shape! We need to brighten it up. What is the address to send the sase? Thank you!

Matti Hargrave writes:
I would like to vegetable seed trade with other people. Please forward your lists to:

bassvivi writes:
I'm starting a vegetable garden and I would like to trade seeds with others. I have cucumber and melon seeds to offer, though I'll have more soon. Thank you.

flashescow writes:
I have a few vegetable seeds to swap with someone. Thank you.

Mary writes:
What kind of seeds would you like to trade?

jaboyt writes:
I have echineacea, coriander, liatris, Indian blanket, St. John's wort, common button bush, witchhazel (tree), partidge pea, lemon balm, black eyed Susan, wingstem, marigold, plains corepsis, purple hull peas and brown crowdes to trade. Email me at

James Writes:
Hello everyone. I am in a new house and yard and I am starting off fresh. I would like any kind of seeds anyone is willing to mail me in a envelope and 1 stamp.I dont have anything to swap but I can say a prayer for your family and your garden. My address is 14050 NW 72nd terrace Trenton Fl. 32693
May God Bless and Hope God watches over us this new year. James Baker

Elvi writes:
I'm interested in seed swapping. Contact info:

HortonGary writes:
I have Heirloom seeds I would like to trade. I have Golden Bantam Corn, Green Corn, Strawberry Pop Corn, and Grey Mammoth Sunflower seeds. I want beans, peppers, tomatoes and corn. Email me at if interested.

kpatt writes:
I am looking for catnip seeds. I can send a SASE or have these seeds I can trade. 
Bush Cucumber
Roma Tomato
Rutger Tomato
Black Eyed Susans
Shasta Daisy
Wildflower mix
Please e-mail me at if you are interested

Jen writes:
I would love to swap you for some yellow flag iris. And hollyhock too if you want anything more from my list. I have the following to offer as a swap.
Ruby Port Columbine
Red and White Powderpuff Dbl.Hollyhocks,
Shocking Pink 4 O'Clocks,
Pink Bachelor Buttons,
Money Plant,
Assort. Colors Impatiens balsamina,
Verbena bonariensis,
Apricot Calendula officinalis,
Yellow Pear Tomatoes,
3/4" Cherry Tomatoes,
Heirloom Crimson Cushion "Beefsteak" tomatoes
Black Fountain Grass 'Moudry'
Butternut Squash
Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
Prickly Pear Cactus
Autumn Wings Gourds (small)

Garden-Al writes:
I would like Roma Tomatoes seeds all I have is pick eyes hull peas and truckers white corn to trade let me know

Nancy writes:
I have wonderful cherry seeds

Sara writes:
Please e-mail me if you are interested in seeing a list of what I have available. Thanks!-Sara

Bflystitcher Writes:
New to seed trade and only have Giant sunflower seeds (edible). I Could use seeds to feed my growing family and keep pest away to let the plants grow.

Courtney425 writes:
I would love sunflower seeds! In a few days I'll have lettuce, celery, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, etc. If you would like to seed trade just email me_

Ktreve writes:
If interested email me at
I'm looking for different Dianthus. Deltoides - Raspberry surprise, Shrimp, Spangled star, Zing rose, Cranberry Ice. Superbus - Crimsonia, Frosty fire, Mischung, Gypsy Others - Coconut punch, Fire star, Sangria Splash, Spotty, Strawberry sorbet
I have A LOT of seeds to trade!
African Daisy – ‘Mixed Colors’
Bells of Ireland – ‘Antique Apple Green’
California Poppy – ‘Summer Sorbet’
Cosmos – Picotee
Cosmos – regular
Cosmos – ‘Pysch White’
Datura – ‘Belle Blanche’
Hollyhock – ‘Tall Double Mix’
Morning Glory – ‘Split Personality’
Morning Glory – ‘Heavenly Blue’
Morning Glory – ‘Knowlians Black’
Morning Glory – ‘Chocolate’
Morning Glory – ‘Sunshine Serenade’
Nasturim – ‘Mahogany’
Nigella – ‘Mulberry Rose’
Salvia Coccinea – ‘Coral Nymph’
Zinnia – ‘Purple Prince’
BeeBalm – red
Bugbane – ‘Black Negligee’
Butterfly Bush – ‘Bright Wings’
Cardinal Flower
Ceratium – ‘Snow in Summer’
Columbine – ‘Tequila Sunrise’
Columbine – ‘Pink Tower’
Columbine – mixed
Coreopsios – ‘American Dream’
Foxglove – ‘Mixed Colours’
Foxglove – ‘Chocolate’
Foxglove – ‘Primrose Carousel’
Foxglove – ‘Alba’
Jack Pine tree
Liatris – ‘Kobold’
Lupin – ‘Cherry’
Maltese Cross
Malva – ‘Zebrina’
Pasque Flower – mixed purple & ruby
Passionflower – ‘Caerulea’
Peony Poppy – tangerine color P
Perennial Poppy – Orange with white center
Potentilla – ‘x Melton Fire’
Pumpkin – ‘Jack B’Litttle’
Rudbeckia – ‘Cherry Brandy’
Shasta Daisy Daisy – ‘Crazy Daisy’
Shasta Daisy – ‘Alaska’
Armenian Cucumber
Basil, Thai – ‘Queenette’
Cantaloupe – ‘Sweet Granite’
Pea – ‘Oregon Sugar Pod II’
Parsley – ‘Curly’
Garden Pea – ‘Henderson’s Lima’
Tomatillos – ‘Two Color Fiesta’
Tomato – ‘Mamande’
Tomato – ‘Chianti Rose’

Laura writes:
I have plenty of coriander seeds. I'd be glad to trade for vegetable seeds. MrsLauraMay(at)

RLA writes:
I have white Datura seeds. I was wondering if you would like to trade? I also have some seeds for lemon balm basil and few types of beans. Really interested in the jalapeno peppers and dill. What is the Indian Squash. I'm Indian so that seems quite interesting. I will gladly take any seeds if u don't have the ones I asked for since I am starting a brand new garden. 

Tina writes:
Hi. I would love some flower seeds. Just tell me what you're needing. I have some mixed morning glory seeds with moonflower as well. I also have a cutting of naragansat daisy if it will propogate. It is an awesome plant.. daisies galore! Thanks, I'm in zone 7b and getting ready for Spring planting.

Danny writes:
I'd interested in seed swapping. Please forward your list. Thank you. 

Mack writes:
I'm in college and I have a large hydroponic endeavor. I'm totally strapped for cash at the moment and I'm in desperate need of seeds to start this project. Any sort of plants are welcome and I appreciate anything that you can give. Thank you

pickadr writes:
I would like some lily of the valley. I have winter squash and tomato. email:

Janie writes:
You have a lot of seeds I am interested in please email me your particulars and I'll get SASE - Thank You Thank You Thank You. I'll send you a list of what I'm interested in and you can pick n choose what you'd like to send. Contact:

PinkPetal writes:
I'm interested in growing lettuce and I would like the butter lettuce, keleudascope mix or straight eight cucumbers seeds. Email:

LindaHunter writes:
I am looking for Blue rose of sharon seed, I have lilac,a deeper purple,and a rose color, really need the blue ones. Also looking for pink canna or white canna lily, I have tropicana, red, and yellow.I will be glad to swap something, any interest email

Yb writes:
If you have a small garden I can instruct you how to grow it there.

usfmutt1 writes:
I have Seminole Pumpkin seeds to give away, no strings attached. I'm looking for Florida gardeners who are willing to keep the Seminole pumpkin pure and thriving. If interested, email

Rob Writes:
This is my current list of seeds I have to trade. (roughly, September through December). If you see some varieties you'd like, shoot me an e-mail trade request at

I'm looking for seed of any kind of interesting, unusual plant. My particular interest goes to perennials hardy to zone 6. The list below is a compilation of some plants I've come across in my reading that seem particularly wishworthy. 
alchemilla erythropoda
allium beesianum
allium hookeri var. muliense
allium insubricum
allium listera
allium macranthum
allium oreophilum
allium paniculatum
allium przewalskianum
allium sivasicum
allium togasii
allium zebdanense
alyssum tortuosum
amsonia ciliata
amsonia ciliata var. tenuifolia
amsonia grandiflora
androsace lanuginosa
androsace sarmentosa
anemone barbulata
anemone x lesseri
armeria juniperifolia
arum dioscoridis
asclepias asperula
asclepias purpurascens
asperula gussonii
bolax glebaria
campanula kemulariae
carex fraseriana
carlina acanthifolia
chelone yagiharana
chrysanthemum weyrichii
cimicifuga dahurica
clematis henryi
clerodendron trichotomum
corydalis ornata
crocus medius
cymophyllus fraserianus
cyrtanthus breviflorus
daphne - cneorum 
daphne arbuscula
delosperma nubigenum
dentaria laciniata
dictamnus albus
diospyros kaki
dipelta floribunda
disanthus cercidifolius
douglasia montana
draba mollissima
draba sibirica
dudleya cymosa
erigeron scopulinum
erigeron speciosus
erodium acaule
eryngium alpinum 
eryngium variifolium
genista delphinensis
gentiana scabra
geranium coreanum
hylomecon japonicum
hypericum monogynum
hypoxis hirsuta
iberis saxatilis
jeffersonia dubia
laurentia fluviatilis
lewisia tweedyi
ligularia veitchiana
linum capitatum
lithodora oleifolia
lithospermum purpureo-caeruleum
loiseleuria procumbens
ludwigia (jussiae) grandiflora
menziesia ciliicalyx
monarda russeliana
neillia thibetica
nigella hispanica 'Curiosity'
oreomyrrhis argentea
orlaya grandiflora
orostachys furusei
orostachys spinosum
othonna capensis
oxalis articulata
oxalis crassipes
oxytropis multiceps
penstemon crandallii
penstemon speciosus
phlox bifida
physoplexis comosa
pinellia cordata
polemonium viscosum
poliothyrsis sinensis
polygala pauciflora
rhodotypos scandens
salvia leucantha
scutellaria costaricana
scutellaria parvula
scutellaria resinosa
sedum pluricaule
smyrnium perfoliatum
stachys thirkei
stewartia ovata
stomatium species
symphyandra cretica
thalictrum petaloideum
tricyrtis flava
verbascum acaule
verbascum dumulosum
vitaliana primuliflora 

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