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Five Easy Last Minute Summer Wedding Tips

Don't sweat the small stuff! So your outdoor summer wedding is only a few days away and you're feeling a bit lost. Here's a few easy tips that will make your day wonderful.

1. Order a few pretty inexpensive parasols for those people who are sensitive to sun. Even if your guest are kept waiting in the heat of the day, they'll appreciate the thought put into keeping them shaded with a pretty umbrella. 

2. Order a back-up boutonniere. Sometimes things get left behind or lost in the shuffle. You're going to be glad when you have that extra boutonniere handy.

3. Got bugs? Avon makes Skin-So-Soft towelettes with Bug Guard. They're non fragrance and easy to apply. Keep a lovely basket handy with these life savers! 

4. Sometimes guest would like to freshen their hands with a cool hand wipe. Burt's Bees makes a fragrance free hand cloth that it perfect for outdoor events. Don't worry about the label, that will be removed. You can even put your own personalized wedding label on the pastel packaging if you want. 

5. Be sure to have a wedding day emergency kit which includes medical emergency items, sewing kit, Kleenex, deodorant, lint brush, baby powder, peppermints, static-kling eraser, tampons, hair accessories and much more!

6. Call it crazy but, many times a bridal bouquet actually gets lot or beat up by the time you walk down aisle. Keep an extra bouquet handy just in case something happens. make many lovely bouquet that can be shipped to you within days!

7. You're going to find moments where you want to pull your hair out with frustration particularly when you need to sit down and figure out a music list. It's easy to have a Bride's Guide to Wedding Music Kit on hand. You'll receive 3-disks full of music plus a 32 page guide and wedding planner. Yowza!

8. Don't fret over making wedding favors. How about giving your guest something that last for years and they'll always remember you? Live plants are all the big rage right now. They'll truly appreciate the thought behind this gift. Succulents are the perfect give and perfect plant. They only need a bit of water each month and they're not messy at all. Guests are tickled pink when they receive a live plant as a wedding favor.  

 9. Can't find or afford a photographer? Let your guest make memories for you. Some of the best wedding photos come from your family and friends. Placing cameras on tables is exciting for your guests and rewarding for you and your groom.

10. Sometimes you just can't find the right words. Do you need last minute vows or help writing your vows? Here's a wonderful book entitled 50 New & Traditional Wedding Vow Examples by Mary Kay that will give you vows to reword or aid in writing your own personal vows. You're welcome girlfriend!

Of course there are more helpful hints but, these are the basics. Always remember to breath, smile and don't sweat the small stuff. If you have your dress, your ring, your man and your priest... . then all is good.

It's always a good idea to meet with your brides maids or family before the wedding to delegate tasks and to keep your items organized in bins or boxes... and be sure to write on the box "DO NOT TOUCH or OPEN! BRIDE ONLY" .

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